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Thông tin Warmińsko-Mazurskie

Quốc giaBa Lan
ISO 3166-2PL-WN

dữ liệu Warmińsko-Mazurskie

Thành phố và làng116
Số dân1.277.463 dân
Elbląg 126.049 dân
Płoskinia 2.726 dân
Diện tích24.214 km²
Pisz 635 km²
Górowo Iławeckie 3,3 km²
Mật độ dân số52,8 /km²
Giżycko 2.865 /km²
Jedwabno 12,2 /km²
độ cao trung bình106 m (348 ft)
Múi giờUTC +1:00
khu vực

Bản đồ Warmińsko-Mazurskie

khí hậu Warmińsko-Mazurskie

  1. Khí hậu đại dương 53 %
  2. Khí hậu ẩm ướt lục địa với mùa hè ôn đới 47 %

Thời tiết Warmińsko-Mazurskie (Elbląg)

Khách sạn Warmińsko-Mazurskie

Khách sạn Hotel E-lektorHotel E-lektor

Hotel E-lektor is located in the town of Morąg, just 140 metres from the Gothic town hall, and offers accommodation with free Wi-Fi and private parking. Morąg Train Station is 1.3 km away... xem hơn
zł 70
Khách sạn Hotel GóreckiHotel Górecki

Lidzbark Warmiński
Surrounded by green areas with every room featuring beautiful views from their windows, the hotel is conveniently located in an excellent and strategic sightseeing position... xem hơn
zł 130
Khách sạn Holiday home Morag Kretowiny IIHoliday home Morag Kretowiny II
Holiday home Morag Kretowiny II is located in Morąg, 150 m from the shop, 1.5 km from the restaurant and 7 km from the nearest city, Morag... xem hơn
Khách sạn Apartment Wegorzewo KalApartment Wegorzewo Kal
Apartment Wegorzewo Kal is located on a shared plot in Węgorzewo. It can accommodate up to five persons and offers an panoramic sea view. The one-bedroom accommodation will provide a TV, Radio and free Wi-Fi... xem hơn
zł 187
Khách sạn Apartment Ostróda GrabinekApartment Ostróda Grabinek
Apartment Ostróda Grabinek is located in Ostróda. The property can accommodate up to 13 people. The accommodation is provided with satellite-TV, a radio, a CD player, a seating area and a dining table. There is a fully equipped kitchen... xem hơn

trang Warmińsko-Mazurskie

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